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Alopecia can be caused by many factors from genetics

Word "alopecia" is the medical term for hair loss. Alopecia, does not refer to disease of hair loss certain - is alopecia any form of hair loss. Word alopecia is Latin, but it itself makes sense, be traced back to the Greek "alopekia" coming from alopek a "fox" can be. Translation, word alopecia is a term for scabies foxes.Hair loss can be conditions that are reflected in the specific diagnosis, number of any is caused by literally. As telogen effluvium such as scarring alopecia and alopecia areata such diagnostic Some have alopecia in their title, but not much. 

The alopecia may be caused by a number of factors to the environment from genetics. Is the most common form of hair loss is by far the (AGA female pattern alopecia or male, for short) androgenetic alopecia, but also dermatologist, see many people with other forms of alopecia , please. several hundred diseases have hair loss to go by the name "hair loss" the primary symptom.Some hair loss condition means a spill. I give the effect of effluviums does not generate a continuous phase hair with different hair growth cycle.Hair wrapped in characteristic scalp. Before you start to be followed more than two years to circulate the growth stage, to grow a new hair fiber again, they return to the resting phase of up to two months. 

At any point on the scalp of a healthy person, approximately 80% of the hair follicle to 90 percent and have hair growth. Active follicles These are what are called growth period. Telogen effluvium, non-AGA hair loss most common fiber.Probably that dermatologists see is alopecia areata, if you do not want to generate any hair, they are 10 hair follicles of the scalp in a resting state called telogen % that ringworm leave up to 20%%, alopecia, scarring and the hair loss due to cosmetic overprocessing. Also for accurate diagnosis, wait years, month, some patients, those with knowledge of their condition they other hair loss, it is possible to diagnose unusual form many, and may be difficult you may want to find that, subject to consultation with dermatologists many. 

Plus, rare disease, there is little motivation for the treatment to be research and development should be carried out. In many cases, even if the correct diagnosis is made, dermatologists, is a small field not very able to provide a known cure for condition.Research the hair disorders and hair biology, in androgenic alopecia The research has been very limited. Perhaps, with less than 100 employees, there was a worldwide learn hair research as a large-scale 20 years ago. In recent years, there may be five times as many. Number is less than diabetes research, to say this still, but expanding number of researchers to investigate the biological hair is positive, and for those with a better rare alopecia understanding and eventually should lead to more assistance.


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