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Helping hair growth

Hair needs fuel to keep growing, just as your body needs to be fueled. 

If you are vitamin, mineral or nutrient deficient, your hair is not going to be healthy and it isn't going to grow as it should. Eat a balanced diet and/or take a multivitamin that is rich in B vitamins, particularly biotin. Hair also needs vitamins E, C and A for growth purposes. If you are anemic (iron deficient), this, too, can cause hair loss or hair thinning and a slowing down of the growth process. Essential fatty acids are full of protein, which hair is made of. They should also be incorporated into your diet to promote hair growth and health. 

Make sure that you are getting enough folic acid, as well as zinc, silica, sulfur and magnesium, in your diet, or via a daily supplement, according to A shortage of any of these items will have a negative impact on the condition of your hair and its ability to grow. 


Hair growth, or lack of growth, is associated with numerous factors including your genetic predisposition and your age; your hormonal state, which can be altered by pregnancy and menopause; the chemicals that you have used on your hair for coloring purposes; stress; trauma; a poor diet and rapid weight loss, according to 

If you are sick, or your diet is lousy and has been for years, it is very likely that a reduction of nutrients in the diet has occurred, which results in a reduction of blood supply to the scalp. Because of your lack of nutrition, an upset in the delivery of adequate oxygen to the hair has occurred. The body is unable to assimilate the required nutrients that maintain follicle metabolism and hair growth. 

If you are relatively healthy, your hair will continue to grow unless you are genetically predisposed to go bald or are suffering from an autoimmune condition such as alopecia, which is thought to be genetic-based and causes baldness. Thyroid malfunctions can also negatively impact the hair's ability to grow. 


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