How Propecia Works

Medical Scientists believe that MPHL (Male Pattern Hair Loss) is due to two reasons. First is inherited from the either sides of the family. Second is due to biological chemical called a dihydrotestosterone, commonly referred as DHT. DHT is a biological material in the body, which shrinks the hair follicle.

Male pattern hair loss is a widespread situation, where men encounter disappearing of hair on the scalp. This also results in receding hairline or balding on the scalp area of the head. There is a need to find a medicine that stabilizes the overall DHT level and help stop follicles.

I'm 40 and have a hair loss problem since last 5 yrs. I tried many drugs, shampoos, gels and creams and finally Propecia Finasteride worked for me. Generic Propecia contains the active ingredient Finasteride, a type II 5-alpha reductase drug that restricts the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. It certainly has some side effects. I too had experienced side effect like decreasing sexual desire in the beginning but as my body got used to it slowly, the side effect disappeared. 

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