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Hair remedies that can work better

Hair loss is not a life-threatening situation but can badly damage a person’s self-confidence, well-being and social life. Online research found that men with a full head of hair are five times more likely to get a response than their balding equivalents. Some studies identified a number of hair treatments that could work better than others to keep confidence levels high... Click here to read the full article

Head lice. What do they look like in hair?

Still wondering what live  nits (lice eggs) and  lice look like in the hair? This video answers the common questions... How to really know if it's lice?  Watch for tips to tell the difference between nits and  dandruff

Bald guys - what do women really think!

"Confidence and personality win over hair/lack thereof every time," says Lauren, 35. "Bald is ballsy! I love a man with a bald dome and a kick ass goatee … know what I mean, girl?" says Melissa, 34.   "It's the time between hair and bald I'm not into. So I'm not so into the balding phase. Just shave it off. Go bald. Be free," says Autumn, 24. Click here to read the full article

Are we close to finding a cure for male baldness?

In their study, published in PLOS Biology, the team succeeded in getting the macrophages to activate the stem cells in hair follicles on non-inflamed skin. The discovery was actually found by chance, when researchers realized that mice given anti-inflammatory drugs had the curious side effect of hair regrowth. Dr. Mirna Perex-Moreno, one of the researchers involved in the project, wondered if the hair growth was connected to the body’s immune reaction, and it turned out that she was right. Although macrophages are cells from the immune system which mainly help to fight infection and wound repair, it also seems that they play a role in activating the skin's stem cells Click here to read the full article