Some aspects of bodybuilding and hair loss

The more testosterone you have, the higher your levels of DHT and the main cause of hair loss is high levels of DHT. DHT is the by-product of testosterone. 

Many bodybuilders try to increase testosterone by taking supplements and injections. With the increase of testosterone the DHT levels increase and this may cause thinning hair and balding.

Those who are only taking supplements are not particularly prone as the increase of DHT from the increase of testosterone is not high enough in levels to cause balding. However, those who are going to lose their hair genetically may find that they are losing it quicker because of the increases.

Many theories have circulated through the gym masses stating that bodybuilding alone causes baldness. This is not exact. Just working out naturally with no supplements, steroids or injections will not cause baldness.

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  1. Nice article!

    Basically you mentioned clearly that raising your testosterone naturally, it's not correlated 100% with more hair loss.

    As a biochemist student, I could not agree more. It's the balance of Free Testosterone/DHT/Estrogen etc. If you raise your testosterone and project healthy markers, DHT can be reduced..

    Studies show some great results..

    Anyway, good work!
    Costas Plassaras

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