Is moustache hair loss a concern?

Judging by the number of questions at this link it would seem that a considerable number of men are perturbed by this problem.

Questions like:

  • My moustache hair falls, 5-6 a day why?
  • Will applying minoxidil peroxide 5 percent for moustache cause weight gain?
  • Is there anything that can help make my moustache grow?

It is worth considering all options including surgical restoration such as this one or this one

But if you'd like to share your experience or other suggestions just drop us a comment or a private email if you prefer.


  1. I think yes moustache hair loss is about to concern and you should undergo Facial Hair Transplant to get rid from moustache hair loss. In present days India is known for hair transplantation centres. Now you can get Facial Hair Transplant in visakhapatnam at low and affordable cost.

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  3. Hair transplant has a number of techniques BHT, FUE, Bio- FUE etc. Mainly FUE is the topmost method for hair loss treatment. It is named as Follicular unit extraction. In this method, hairs are extracted in the form of grafts. Visit our website and get the further details on Hair Transplant in Punjab.


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