Self-Confidence After the Pandemic: Easy Ways to Regain It


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Confidence is a compelling word and an even more powerful emotion. Not only does confidence feel good but it also helps you seize potential opportunities and encourages you to take more chances to reach your goals. But do you remember when you last felt confident? The global crisis brought with it fear and feelings of uncertainty. So how can you be more confident as society starts to normalize?

Energize with Exercise

​Besides enhancing your overall health, exercising also helps memory retention, prevents depression, improves focus, and helps manage stress. It's harder to be anxious when there's no excess energy to draw upon and easier to be confident when you feel good and look good. Physical activity improves every aspect of your life, so exercise and make time to take care of yourself. 

Improve Your Body Language 

Physiology is vital when learning how to regain your confidence. Mastering body language can put you on the path to success, especially if you want to achieve your goals. When we feel anxious, we tend to make ourselves smaller by slouching, bowing our heads, and hunching our shoulders. Sitting up straight will make you feel less stressed and more assertive. 

Do a quick inventory of your body now. What's your posture like? How are you breathing? We all get in negative states sometimes, which can lead to shallow breathing or slouching. However, we have the power to change how we are feeling by controlling the way our body moves and the way we present ourselves. If you cannot do it on the first try, act like it! You'll soon emanate confidence wherever you go.

Smile More

Research shows that smiling can improve your emotional health, as well as keep your heart healthy. A smile activates muscles in the face that communicate to the brain to release endorphins, which are the happiness hormones. Smiles are also a common way to show other people that you are happy, confident, and friendly. 

Get a Handle on Your Finances

If you’re in debt or struggling to make ends meet, it’s time to take another look at your finances. Find ways to reduce spending so you can live within your means. This could include doing your own household chores instead of hiring services, ditching cable for streaming services, and brewing your own coffee instead of hitting the local coffee shop. If you’re a homeowner, consider refinancing your home. By refinancing, you can give up some equity in your home to lower your monthly mortgage payments. 

Stop Comparing Yourself

Nothing kills your confidence more than comparing yourself to other people, especially now as social media has become an increased opportunity to judge yourself against so many others. Lack of confidence comes from a gap between where you see yourself and where you want to be. 

Visualizing yourself in powerful situations that you think you should be in can help build your self-confidence, and so can allow yourself to be who you are and move at your own pace. If you feel the need to compare, compare yourself to yourself. See how far you've come and how much improvement you've made until now. Acknowledge your wins and successes, and you'll realize you're supposed to feel more confident about yourself than you actually do.

Improve Your Self-Talk

Our words create our emotions, and those emotions create our world. If we're feeling doubtful, it's a result of the stories we keep telling ourselves and the words we use to tell them. How do you talk with yourself in your mind? This communication that you use — known as your inner monologue — significantly impacts your self-confidence. Catch the moment when you think negatively about yourself, your body, or your actions, and replace the thought with a positive thing that you like about yourself.

Discovering how to regain self-confidence is not an overnight process — it takes a while. However, by shifting how you present yourself physically and what you focus on mentally, you can create confidence that will help you improve your life and achieve your goals as the world starts to recover.


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